Photo Gallery: Bif Naked In Kelowna – Beautiful Inside and Out

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Mary Irwin Theatre, Rotary Centre For The Arts
Kelowna, BC
Photo Credit: Crystal Lee
Presented by Rock.It Boy Entertainment

Not only is Bif beautiful outside she has a very special soul that no camera can truly catch the essence of how much beauty it has! Her book is amazing, sad, joyous, laughter, and overall extremely interesting. It was a pleasure to be able to have an up close acoustic song night along with her reading from her book. Seeing her husband on stage playing acoustic guitar was also a pleasure as you can see all love they have for each other and reminds those of us who are married its the little things; the good, the bad and “those things”. Bif Naked fully puts her self out there for the world to see and at the same times brings a comedic show as a bonus (she could have been a successful “comedian”). Not only is she brave to do so Bif seems to care more about her fans experience than anything else. Thank you for a very unique and special night!

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